Enterprise Collaboration That Matters
Why Social Collaboration Matters
for the Enterprise

In the modern world business is constantly challenged with increasing global competition and the need to consistently innovate and adapt to rapidly changing technology and market conditions. These demands contributed to the high degree of interest in collaborative business processes and the technologies that facilitate them. According to various research sources (such as Aberdeen Group), leaders that identified social business collaboration as their top business goal saw significant business performance improvement.

greater increase in annual company revenue
higher percentage of sales reps achieving annual sales quota
greater improvement in shortening of the average sales cycle
greater improvement in response time to customer inquiries
source: Aberdeen Group report
TeamFusion Delivers
Social Collaboration for the Enterprise
Insight that matters
Collect valuable data, transform it into knowledge and make it actionable. TeamFusion creates an enterprise knowledge library which is one of the most valuable assets of any organization.
Seamless collaboration
With TeamFusion an organization deploys its own cloud-based social network, connecting people, knowledge and experiences. Coordinate activities of organization's internal teams with customers and partners.
Engaged customers
Transform your customer base into active, engaged community. Involve all stakeholders including customers, partners, consultants, marketing, sales and services.
Increased market share
Promote active use and greatly increase adoption rate of your products and services.
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TeamFusion Features
  • Knowledge Library

    TeamFusion transforms the way you manage one of the most valuable organizational assets - knowledge. Developed without compromise between technical sophistication and usability, TeamFusion allows every member of your organization to securely collaborate across teams with customers and partners on any device, anywhere.

    Comprehensive TeamFusion Registry, with user defined taxonomy and built-in repository, provides an ecosystem for information to evolve into actionable knowledge. With TeamFusion registry you can enhance your content and make it easily searchable by defining and extending metadata to information registered in TeamFusion.

    There is no need to migrate all of your materials into TeamFusion, have it accessible to your team by simply pointing to any external repository or website. Also you have an option to store your information in a secure TeamFusion repository with comprehensive change management capabilities.

    Organizing knowledge in a secure, structured and easily accessible environment is one of the key success factors for your organization.

  • Social Collaboration

    TeamFusion provides you with one central, secure place to facilitate internal and external collaboration along with direct access to all relevant materials, people and activities.

    People are at the center of any activity and with TeamFusion you can create your dream team by inviting members best suited to contribute to your success. You can also take advantage of system suggestions for project participants auto-matched by TeamFusion based on their expertise. To encourage active involvement, TeamFusion provides member performance ranking and skills endorsement features.

    TeamFusion provides multiple ways for effective communication with your colleagues, customers and partners. From discussion forums, chat rooms to private and group messages - you have everything you need to stay in touch.

    Optimize email burden with TeamFusion flexible notifications system that will only alert you on what is relevant to you and according to your preferences.

  • Team Tasks and Calendar

    Perfect for coordination of activities, TeamFusion tasks allow you to track due dates and assign responsibility to individuals or groups. It’s quick and easy to manage dependencies, track progress and attach files to the tasks. Stay organized with Gantt charts and aggregated view of all tasks assigned to you across all of your projects.

    With TeamFusion calendar, you can easily set up events and schedule meetings. You can invite any external participants, attach files and keep collaborative online minutes.

  • Security and Access Control

    Managing who can see, modify or add content is critically important for establishing a secure collaborative environment. TeamFusion provides a wide range of access control options for each component managed by the system.

    With TeamFusion role management, you can make sure that your team members have appropriate access to all relevant information and can perform necessary operations.

    Owners of information can protect their data by setting granular access control for both: the actual content and its metadata description.

    With TeamFusion group management, you can optimize the process of securing information by configuring the default visibility for new resources.

  • Workspace Customization

    Your colleagues, customers and partners already have many collaboration tools they use on a daily basis. Improve the rate of adoption and ease transition to a new system with fully customizable TeamFusion workspace, where all powerful knowledge management and collaboration features will appear as an essential part of your ecosystem.

    Protect investment into your brand by seamlessly integrating TeamFusion platform into your existing web presence.

    TeamFusion enables you to streamline knowledge sharing with custom forms and taxonomy, as well as improve operational efficiency with custom business rules.

    With a full range of customizations for managing data, including syndication of content from external sources, your team will always have one place to access all important information.

Example of TeamFusion Implementation

HingX is a Cloud-Based Knowledge Collaboration Platform for global Health ICT community.

Over 20,000 experts from 180 countries are relying on HingX for effective collaboration.

The system is used by Donor Organizations, NGOs, Ministries of Health, Health ICT Experts, Technology Providers and Front-Line Health Workers.

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